RACE-Approved VetMed LIVE Series

Practical CE for Veterinarians Around the Globe

Ten RACE-approved live interactive webinars with practical information for all veterinarians.

Here is the schedule (all webinars start at 7 p.m. Central time):

19 Jan 2021 - Localizing Dyspnea - Taking the Distress Out of Respiratory Diseases

16 Feb 2021 - Acute Abdomen - A Practical Approach to Diagnosis & Management

16 Mar 2021 - Feline Urethral Obstruction - A Criticalist's Approach to a Common Problem

20 Apr 2021 - Shock - Recognition & Interventions for a Common Clinical Problem

18 May 2021 - ITP - Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia - A Practical Approach to Diagnosis & Management

22 Jun 2021 - Traumatic Brain Injury - A Logical Approach to Treating Low Blood Pressure

20 Jul 2021 - Acute Pancreatitis - A Criticalist's Approach to Diagnosis & Management

17 Aug 2021 - Cardiac Emergencies - A Criticalist's Approach to Common Heart Emergencies

14 Sep 2021 - Feline Hypotension - A Logical Approach to Treating Low Blood Pressure

19 Oct 2021 - IMHA - A Practical Approach to Diagnosis & Management

Your Instructor

Dr. Christopher G. Byers
Dr. Christopher G. Byers

Christopher G. Byers, DVM, DACVECC, DACVIM (SAIM), CVJ

Dr. Byers is a practicing dual board-certified veterinary specialist, recognized international speaker, and respected author. Dr. Byers enjoys teaching and is passionate about helping pet parents understand their fur baby’s health problems. He launched CriticalCareDVM.com to provide dog and cat owners with high quality, accurate, and comprehensive information they need to understand their pet’s health problems. Since 2014 the information available at CriticalCareDVM.com has been extensively used by pet parents and veterinarians, alike, helping Dr. Byers realize his primary goal: promoting the “triad of care” – a collaborative partnership between pet owners, primary care veterinarians, and board-certified veterinary specialists.

Peer Reviews

  • Such energizing speaker! And made things I've been struggling with for years so much clearer.
  • I would go to another conference just to hear Dr. Byers present.
  • Amazing speaker; great clinically relevant info.
  • I love his entertaining lecture style and will definitely be looking for his talks at other conferences.
  • His case analysis was extremely helpful in simplifying what is a daunting presentation and topic. I will probably use his information daily in practice.