General Practice Fundamentals

Live Interactive webinars plus Anytime On-Demand courses

Presented by

6/21 - 22/2023 and 6/28 - 29/2023 (2-hour segments each day)

9 am Pacific | 11 am Central | Noon Eastern, Anytime On-Demand available 8/16/2023

Taught by Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD with assistance from Drew Olson, DVM, Steve Kellner, paralegal and other subject matter experts.

Agenda and learning objectives

Simplifying the Diagnosis - 1 hour

Describe a simplified approach to cases and making a diagnosis.
List the diagnostic tests available in practice.
Understand common processes to simplify case management.

Common Conditions in Everyday Practice - 2 hours

Understand the diagnosis and treatment of:

Otitis externa, aural hematoma and atopy, common lameness, osteoarthritis and dental conditions, common conditions causing vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia, coughing and cardiovascular conditions, anaphylactic reactions, and toxicities, and trauma, seizures and lacerations.

What, When and How to Communicate Common Conditions with Clients - 3 hours

Understand the theory of creating prepared communications to clients for efficient and effective communication on common issues and conditions.

Write and recite a common communication to clients for:

Separation anxiety, aggression, scratching, and phobias, vaccinations, deworming, wellness laboratory work and parasite control, nutrition, weight control, common nutritional supplements and alternative diets, declawing and cosmetic surgeries, routine surgeries such as ovariohysterectomy, castration and dental procedures, atopy, allergies, and dermal disease, including treatments, osteoarthritis, caudal cruciate ligament rupture, medial patellar luxation, intervertebral disk disease and soft tissue injuries, anal gland conditions and expression, and heart disease, murmurs and congenital conditions.

Routine Surgery and Tissue Handling - 2 hours

Describe and understand:

Routine canine and feline ovariohysterectomies, routine canine and feline castration, routine tissue handling skills and suture patterns common to small animal practice, common dental procedures and oral surgery, and common mass removal procedures.